Death by Design: How Conventional Dental Practices Are Killing You Slowly with Trina Felber

APR 22, 202448 MIN
The Jay Campbell Podcast

Death by Design: How Conventional Dental Practices Are Killing You Slowly with Trina Felber

APR 22, 202448 MIN


In this episode, Jay interviews Trina Felber, the founder of Primal Life Organics and an expert in oral health with 25 years of experience. Trina describes the connection between oral health and overall wellness, and explains how the modern dental system is doing more harm than good.

They cover a handful of insightful and engaging topics, ranging from the damaging effects of fluoride and aluminum on the body (especially in relation to brain health and fertility) to the importance of oral health and strengthening your microbiome as the first line of defense against environmental toxins.

Tune in if you want to hear the truth about the shortcomings of modern oral healthcare, learn about alternative dental products and practices that can help you heal your microbiome, and improve your awareness around the critical role that oral health plays in your overall well-being.


"Oral health is the mirror to internal health. If you open your mouth and see signs of disease or inflammation, that’s the first sign of bigger issues elsewhere in the body." – Trina Felber


What You'll Learn From This Episode

  • Oral Health Reflects Internal Health – Learn how inflammation in the mouth can lead to systemic inflammation and various health issues throughout your body.
  • Toxicity of Fluoride and Aluminum – These substances are almost ubiquitous, and they’re dramatically impacting the function of your brain and other vital organs.
  • Natural Products vs. Conventional Brands – Understand the not-so-hidden agendas of big corporations and hear personal experiences about natural alternatives.
  • The Health Benefits of Nitric Oxide – Learn how nitric oxides supports the immune system and how commercial products are undermining your body’s ability to produce it.
  • Awareness and Spiritual Awakening – The world often buries the truth with lies, which means situational awareness and critical thinking are more important than ever.


Key Moments In This Conversation

  • 00:00:00 – Introduction
  • 00:03:17 – Oral Health As A Mirror For Internal Health
  • 00:08:25 – The Dangers Of Traditional Dental Practices/Products
  • 00:11:38 – The Role Of Saliva, Enzymes, and Minerals In Oral Health
  • 00:17:16 – Manipulation By The Commercial Dental Industry
  • 00:22:42 – The Impact of Environmental Factors on Fertility
  • 00:26:41 – The Critical Importance of Nitric Oxide for Health
  • 00:33:23 – Importance of Critical Thinking And Questioning Narratives
  • 00:41:08 – The Benefits of Light Therapy For Dental Health
  • 00:47:16 – Closing Thoughts & Trina’s Resources

Guest Bio

Trina Felber is the founder of Primal Life Organics, a company revolutionizing the personal care industry by producing and advocating for natural solutions. She has 25 years of experience as a nurse and oral health expert.

Trina is a highly regarded authority who is constantly educating others about the connection between oral health, inflammation, and systemic diseases. She is also one of the strongest proponents of holistic health practices that facilitate healing, preserve the microbiome, and mitigate the effects of environmental toxins.

Learn more about Trina and her work at


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