The Shepherd and the Star Pt. 4

JUL 30, 202350 MIN
Reflexion, A Spiritual Community

The Shepherd and the Star Pt. 4

JUL 30, 202350 MIN


The book of Proverbs is a collection of pithy sayings

If you read it several times, those clever lines stick in your mind
- for instance, here is one that comes to mind regarding this last week:
Iron sharpens iron,
 so a person sharpens the face of a friend (Pr. 27:17)
• you might remember, last year, Guy Gray spoke here
◦ we met up again this past week -- Gut has been my friend for fifty years
◦ I was fortunate to meet him in the early years of my ministry
• he guided me to a path of greater insight and understanding
◦ his has been a lasting influence all these many years
- I think God has placed people in my life strategically
• men and women who have opened my eyes and prepared me for what was next
• however, when it comes down to what I do for you,
◦ the most important, overriding service that I provide you,
that has come to me directly from Jesus Christ, through the Scriptures