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Hairstylist Empowerment Podcast

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Natasha Wood OPHA I Voice of Reason
MAY 6, 2021
Natasha Wood OPHA I Voice of Reason

Born into a family of hairstylist and estheticians, Natasha pursued hairstyling and quickly became a business owner of a reputable salon and spa. Natasha has proven herself as a visionary artist with clients and hairdressers alike.

Continuing to pursue a new challenge and education Natasha joined with Dermalogica and The International Dermal Institute, earning multiple accreditation in skin care, body spa therapy, aromatherapy, Chinese diagnosis and face massage. As a Business Development Consultant, Natasha managed a large number of spas and salons in Eastern Ontario and Quebec, promoting retail sales, inventory management, marketing solutions, and revenue production. In 2008, Natasha brought her experience and passion to learn and educate to the classroom as an Algonquin College professor. Over the past 10 years Natasha has been instrumental in course development for the Hairstyling & Spa Management Program, Instructing and Academic mentorship. Utilizing over 16 years of experience as a Hairstylist, Esthetician, Makeup Artist, Business Development Consultant and personal business owner, Natasha has gained valuable knowledge and expertise in both the salon and spa industry.

OPHA Mission Statement

Our mission is to unite and support licensed professional hairstylists and registered hairstylist apprentices by being a voice to government, and community partners on regulations, licensing and hairstyling standards. To inspire excellence, and to ensure the health and safety standards for our community of clients, contributors and partners while sustaining our future as a professional trade through training, apprentice, mentoring and accountability.

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58 MIN
Enlightened Entrepeneur ~ It's All Love
APR 22, 2021
48 MIN with Tracey Napotnik
APR 11, 2021 with Tracey Napotnik
Tracey Napotnik is the founder and CEO of, a new innovative, interactive, live platform connecting beauty professionals with salon industry trainers. Tracey has spent 28 passionate years in the salon industry, 18 of those as a salon owner. She is always willing to share her professional and personal highs and lows of the business, to help inspire others to not give up, and learn different ways from those who succeeded. In her early years, Tracey worked 80 hours a week, and experienced the stress of barely making payroll at times. She remembers picking up 3 other jobs even after standing behind the chair 15 hours a day, to help cover expenses. There was a time she was without heat in her home to make sure her team was paid and to keep the business going. It was at some of her darkest days that Tracey saw the light. She knew she was not going to give up on her dreams, so she decided to get serious about learning to “run a business” by taking business courses. To grow, evolve and help others, one must never stop learning,” says Tracey. She constantly seeks the advice and lessons of brilliant leaders and motivators. Tracey studied under Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, John Maxwell, Inspiring Champions, and many well-known beauty industry leaders. Coaches, live trainings, listening, and taking action on what she learned, combined with an unmatched determination to help those around her, have brought Tracey to where she is today. The road to personal and professional success is never easy, but it is always worth it. Tracey hopes that by creating a platform with some of the best trainers that it will help inspire, lead, and encourage others seeking ongoing education to never stop growing and learning. Website: Facebook: Instagram: --- Send in a voice message:
32 MIN