Redux 1.06

SEP 26, 202351 MIN
Poda Bing: a Sopranos retrospective

Redux 1.06

SEP 26, 202351 MIN


Poda Bing runs it back on "Pax Soprana".

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00:00 Intro

01:00 The importance of skin care in this thing of ours

02:25 The importance of proper Italian delis

03:27 Bridge awe (again)

04:16 Sinatra all over Tony's shirt

05:09 Melfi's flirt meter

06:28 Best part about coffee dates

08:38 The power of Melfi's non-answers

10:41 The Elia Kazan-ness of certain shots this episode

12:39 Junior and David Stern

14:00 The respect for everyday characters in the show

14:30 Choice cuts

18:59 Would Tony be a fast texter?

21:25 An idea for Dua Lipa

22:03 The surgical precision of Johnny Sack's introduction

23:56 People at tables waiting

24:52 General writing nerdery

25:56 The ritual of garage conflicts

28:36 How not to court someone

30:45 Chase and Kandinsky connection

31:47 I miss "Flight of the Conchords"

35:11 Tony's path to coming clean to Melfi

39:39 How to handle being a witness to a crime perpetrated by O.C.

43:32 The notion of intermediaries and how Livia is *not* a good one

48:04 "Hesh's Horses" and Vik's quotation book

50:05 The sweet & sour of this episode

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