Redux 1.07

JAN 18, 202435 MIN
Poda Bing: a Sopranos retrospective

Redux 1.07

JAN 18, 202435 MIN


Poda Bing runs it back on "Down Neck".

Note: Poda Bing Redux is also on YouTube.

00:00 Intro

01:53 Sacramental wine 101

04:45 Hoopers portrayed in cinema

06:06 Call the Union!

09:54 The art and science of Gandolfini

11:58 Soprano math

12:49 Cross talk stagecraft

17:43 The hold of "The Holdovers"

19:36 Scene dimensions

21:18 (One of the reasons) why Tony keeps us coming back

22:16 Like father like son

24:22 The "wisdom" of crowds

26:03 Is it all just a big nothing?

26:45 What would Tony think of generative AI?

28:44 Feech shoulda hired Clarence Darrow

30:00 What if Tony got that electric organ?

32:06 Better halves

33:52 How to receive bad news from across a table

34:23 Carmela distinguishes herself

35:01 The best therapy

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