Redux 1.08

FEB 2, 202459 MIN
Poda Bing: a Sopranos retrospective

Redux 1.08

FEB 2, 202459 MIN


Poda Bing runs it back on "The Legend of Tennessee Moltisanti".

Note: Poda Bing Redux is also on YouTube.

01:11 The connection between Christopher and espresso machines

02:07 The art of iconic opening shots

02:56 Merz b. Schwanen vs. Members Only

04:32 Espresso machine symbolism?

05:09 Opening shots across cinema

08:07 The art of iconic opening fits

08:45 What Christopher's dream said about Adriana

10:45 On going places we don't want to

14:31 Tony's "spring cleaning"

17:14 Christopher's writing travails

20:02 Christopher wants a NIL deal

21:11 Another installment of Vik's Legal Corner

21:55 Understanding derogations

26:29 Joan Didion's could have helped Christopher

26:54 Writer distractions

28:43 Establishing shots and *possibility* of conflict

29:31 (Some more) thoughts on the final Soprano sequence

30:04 How Vito got made

32:18 Some "sweeping" tactics

33:44 The lengths one must go to to get Livia to eat lunch

35:20 The art of working in tight spaces

36:57 Chris and Paulie have a moment

39:10 Shlomo would have had something to say about arcs, too

42:49 Noah's "arc"

43:42 On the matter of where the bodies are buried

45:26 Richard's "two tickets to paradise"

46:45 Tony understands, it just takes time

49:03 The elite-ness of Agent Harris

52:00 Comparing and contrasting a Melfi family dinner with a Soprano one

52:48 What Columbus and Meucci have in common

53:29 Melfi's payment policy laid bare

54:06 Livia's semi-annual meeting of "Mothers Betraying Sons"

55:10 On receiving *that* phone call that spurs us to action

56:10 The different prisms of therapy on the show

56:37 Therapists with a flair for storytelling

58:15 Outro

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