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Anita Giardina - Women in pastoral ministry
MAR 1, 2020
Anita Giardina - Women in pastoral ministry

Hi friends! We hope you enjoy this conversation with Anita Giardina -  lead pastor from The Meeting House church (Downtown Toronto site). Make sure you check out all the links below:

The Meeting House “Her Story” Teaching Series and After Party Podcasts

Marion Taylor, Old Testament Professor, Wycliffe College III Compiled the Handbook of Women Biblical Interpreters among many others, her work has been groundbreaking on the history of women’s interpretation of the Bible.

Amanda W. Benckhuysen, Old Testament Professor, Calvin Theological Seminary, wrote The Gospel According to Eve, a look at the history of women’s interpretation of Genesis 1-3. You can also listen to out conversation with Amanda to learn more about her book and the work she's been doing in recovering women's voices (Season 2, episode 1).

Cynthia Long Westfall, Associate Professor of New Testament, McMaster Divinity College, author of Paul and Gender: Reclaiming the Apostles Vision for Men and Women in Christ, which interprets passages on women and men together and places those passages in the context of the Paul’s writings as a whole.

Women Speakers Collective

Danielle Strickland, Speaker, Advocate

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