44. A Conversation with CDC Director Dr. Mandy Cohen

SEP 8, 202327 MIN
Contagious Conversations

44. A Conversation with CDC Director Dr. Mandy Cohen

SEP 8, 202327 MIN


We're bringing you a special episode this month, as our president and CEO sits down for a conversation with Mandy K. Cohen, MD, MPH, the new director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry Administrator.

Dr. Cohen has extensive experience leading large and complex organizations and a proven track record protecting Americans’ health and safety. An internal medicine physician by training, Dr. Cohen led the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services during the COVID crisis, where she was lauded for her outstanding leadership and her focus on equity, data accountability and transparent communication. She also transformed the North Carolina Medicaid program through the state’s Medicaid expansion.

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Key Takeaways:

[1:58] What does Dr. Cohen want people to know about her? What were her thoughts while deciding to accept the position as CDC Director?

[4:47] What are Dr. Cohen’s priorities as she becomes the CDC Director?

[7:56] What skills did Dr. Cohen learn at the state level that she thinks will translate to this new position at CDC?

[12:05] Dr. Cohen discusses the current status of COVID-19.

[13:34] What does Dr. Cohen believe public health success looks like?

[15:51] The nation faces considerable political divisions and there are trust gaps between public health organizations and some Americans. How do public health and CDC regain that trust?

[18:03] What is CDC doing to address the health threats of climate change?

[20:28] How is CDC preparing for new public health challenges? 

[22:19] Where are we winning in public health and how will CDC replicate those wins?

[25:15] What is the most exciting thing about your position at CDC?


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