Come to the Table

JUL 11, 202359 MIN
Being Eve, The Podcast

Come to the Table

JUL 11, 202359 MIN


Show Notes

In this episode of the Being Eve podcast, join me, Casey Alexis, as I take you on a spiritual journey into a vision that holds a powerful message for us all.

Picture this: the most magnificent table you've ever seen, dressed exquisitely, and the Savior, Jesus Christ, seated at the head of this table. This vision, so simple yet so profound, struck a chord deep within me. It reminded me that we are all invited to the Master's Table.

And yet, we often allow life's distractions to pull us away from the meal that the Lord has prepared for us. We fill our lives with other appointments, overlooking the most crucial invitation of all.

The focal scripture of this episode: Luke 14, where Jesus tells the parable of the Great Banquet.

It's time for us to RSVP to the greatest banquet of all!

Tune in to this episode to glean valuable insights that will reshape your prayer life. Remember, an invite to the Master's table awaits you; all you have to do is accept it. Don't let distractions lead you astray from the most beautiful feast you've been invited to. Let's come together in prayer, accept our invitation, and take our place at the table.

The Master's Table is ready. Your seat is reserved. Will you accept the invitation?

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