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Nevertheless She Existed

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This is the radical feminist history party you've been waiting for. Recorded at Caveat in NYC, each episode of Nevertheless She Existed brings the story of an erased woman from history from our LES speakeasy right to your earbuds. You'll hear tales of gay nuns burned as witches, queens of NYC thieves, mothers, warriors, and poets. The fabulous, funny, and fierce comedians Molly Gaebe and Kylie Holloway serve as our hosts and voices as we travel down the rabbit hole of women's history. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll definitely say "f*ck yeah" because Nevertheless, She Existed.

Recent Episodes

Willie Hobbs Moore with Moiya McTier
JUL 2, 2020
Willie Hobbs Moore with Moiya McTier

A celebration of the first black woman to earn a PhD in physics.

Moiya McTier is a New York-based astrophysicist who studies planets outside of our solar system. She's also a folklorist who specializes in using science and logic to build fictional worlds. You can hear all about the worlds she's built on her podcast, Exolore, where she invites experts to help her imagine life on a different alien planet in every episode.

Please consider donating to Moiya’s patreon:

Moiya has also asked for donations to be directed to the Loveland Foundation. A fantastic organization that helps Black women and girls get access to therapy and mental healthcare.

14 MIN