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Crimes & Consequences - Hardcore True Crime

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Two attorneys explore the dark side of human nature through details of the world's most fascinating true crime cases.

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Crimes & Consequences - Hardcore True Crime
JUN 15, 2020
EP36: Killing the Man in the Mirror
In the summer of 1984, 14-year-old Kenny Myers left his home to go for a bike ride when he failed to return, his mother reported him missing.  His strangled body was found 30 miles away in a park.  A year later, 13-year-old Shawn Moore disappeared while riding his bike and like Kenny, his body was found decomposed two weeks later, 150 miles from his house.  Other teen boys reported being kidnapped in a similar fashion, but after their assaults, they were released.  Tips began pouring in and eventually the killer, 26-year-old Ronald Bailey, was arrested.   His background showed a history of kidnapping and homosexual rapes, starting when he was only 13 years old.    Eventually, Ronald opened up to FBI forensic profiler John Douglas about how he chose his victims and his method of murder.  Ronald killed boys that reminded him of his younger self.  He rationalized that If he could kill his teen self, then he could prevent the monster he grew up to be from hurting others.   No one will know the true count of Ronald’s murdered victims, but authorities are convinced Shawn and Kenny weren’t the only ones.SUBSCRIBE, Subscribe subscribe to us! Thank you!FOR EXCLUSIVE EPISODES AND CONTENT, GO TO PATREON.COM/TNTCRIMES If you like us, FOLLOW us!Twitter: @TnTcrimes Instagram: @TnTcrimes Facebook: @TnTcrimesVISIT US TnT: Crimes & Consequences Sources: The Livingston Daily PressThe Livingston PostJourney into Darkness by John Douglas
44 MIN