Anesthesia Deconstructed: Science. Politics. Realities.
Anesthesia Deconstructed: Science. Politics. Realities.

Anesthesia Deconstructed: Science. Politics. Realities.

Michael MacKinnon DNP FNP-C CRNA & Joe Rodriguez DNAP CRNA



This award winning podcast will touch on issues ranging from clinical to politics of anesthesiology and take a balanced, realistic approach based on the evidence.

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Medical Malpractice Policies: What you didn't know, but should
APR 17, 2023
Medical Malpractice Policies: What you didn't know, but should

Meet Julie Nycum, CPCU, RPLU, ARM, the current director of AANA Insurance Services, providing medical malpractice to CRNAs across the country through Medical Protective (med pro).  Julie worked for Medical Protective (med pro), a Berkshire Hathaway Company writing 2 billion in policies a year for 24 years as Vice President of Underwriting. In 2006 she met with AANA insurance services on behalf of med pro to develop the medical malpractice services AANA uses today.  

On this podcast we talk about:

  • Occurrence vs Claims made and how important it is to know the difference related to YOUR risk and why over time claims made is MORE expensive
  • Buying claims made "tail" isn't as simple as it sounds. Or as good.
  • Time does not start until discovery starts. Might be past your claims-made policy and then YOU are on the hook.
  • Consent to Settle & Hammer Clauses (Scary Stuff)
  • You can be named (and need coverage) for NON-Anesthesia issues
  • Policies may cover a lot more than you are aware of like lost wages etc.
  • What does "1 million per occurrence and 3 million aggregate" coverage mean?
  • Why 1/3 mil vs 250/500K  per claim/aggregates are different in different states? Should you get a 1/3 policy anyway?
  • What happens if a claim went OVER the max/occurrence (1 million) policy? You pay that is what happens. 
  • Why does Admitted vs Non-Admitted matter? The Oceanus Story
  • Does AM Best matter to providers or facilities?
  • How the size of an insurance company impacts the lawyers you get access to
  • If you own an anesthesia company should you have special insurance for your contractors for vicarious liability?
  • If you are covered by a groups policy should you also have your own to protect your interest?
  • Does a settlement result in you being reported to the national practitioner databank? 
  • Is there any increased cost for med mal for an independent CRNA to the CRNA?
  • Is there extra cost for the facility or surgeon working with an independent CRNA?
  • Is there decreased cost for the CRNA or facility when working in an Anesthesia Care Team with a physician anesthesiologist? "liability shield"
  • If you do ketamine clinics, medical aesthetics, IV infusion work does your CRNA medical malpractice cover these things?
  • Medical Malpractice rates have not increased for CRNAs at Med Pro for 14 years. Now they are increasing, why and what does that mean?
  • When do you have to report to the med mal company? Can you self-trigger coverage by hearing something might happen or when an event occurs? Can claims made do this?
  • Whats the process and length of time of a claim?

Addendum: If you are threatened with a claim (lawsuit) you should report that to medpro in writing ASAP.

80 MIN
Mark Silberman JD - Former General Legal Counsel for the AANA
AUG 26, 2022
Mark Silberman JD - Former General Legal Counsel for the AANA

Meet Mr. Silberman JD from the BENESCH law firm! We talk about the New Hampshire ruling and Nurse Anesthesiologist, Qui Tam lawsuits and anti-trust, The risk of medicare fraud with medical direction and TEFRA, if Extubation is part of emergence as it related to TEFRA based on the Donegan v. Anesthesia Associates of Kansas City, PC, Liability of surgeons with CRNAs in the ACT or independently and MUCH more! 

A little about Mark:

Mark is an experienced trial lawyer, health care attorney and litigator. His practice focuses on helping health care professionals and businesses navigate the complex and changing landscape of health care with an emphasis on achieving governmental and regulatory compliance.

Mark concentrates on managing internal and external health care investigations, False Claims Act cases, white collar criminal defense, all forms of health care litigation, and all aspects of the Illinois Certificate of Need program.

Mark handles audit, compliance, investigations and enforcement actions involving HHS-OIG, the Medicare/Medicaid programs, the Illinois Department of Public Health, and Illinois Health Facilities and Services Review Board (Certificate of Need). He advises clients regarding managing and avoiding allegations of health care fraud and health care-related criminal conduct, addressing concerns related to the Anti-Kickback Statute, and pharmacy and pharmaceutical related litigation. He provides counsel and litigation services for physicians, facilities and pharmacies engaged with any federal agency, along with handling Medicare/Medicaid reimbursement issues, False Claims Act/Qui Tam defense, and various health care transactional matters. Mark also served as the outside General Counsel to the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists.

More about Mark can be found here

78 MIN