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The Sleuths are real private investigators here to help you find the truth when you need to know. With sometimes shocking, heartwarming, and hilarious stories from the field, they keep it real. Interviews with experts bring you insights on how people leverage P.I.'s in their lives and businesses. When you need to know, call the sleuths — licensed by the North Carolina Department of Public Safety, Jamie hosts this entertaining and informative podcast to educate individuals and business owners.

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Cheaters suck, but they make for great stories
JAN 19, 2021
Cheaters suck, but they make for great stories

After thinking 2021 was going to be an incredible year and the trainwreck that was 2020 would be ending, the Sleuths address what has happened so far in the new year. 

The Sleuth highlight three stories about cheaters.  

Story One: California High

A stay at home mom was married for over five years to her high school sweetheart. The subject picked up the bad habit of vaping. She was vaping THC. Those are not legal in North Carolina. Her husband would ask her where she got the vape pens. He noticed an Instagram post on her phone she left open. He took a screenshot and sent it to Blackman Detective Services. After some digging, they were able to identify the man and his address.  

We discuss alienation of affection. 

Women are more likely to cheat on men when the women are younger, and men are more likely to cheat on women when the men are older. 

We discussed "breadcrumbing" for dating on social media sites. 

Story two: Monetary Motives

Marty and Dan had been married for years when, unfortunately, the husband became suspicious that his wife was having an affair. We tracked the wife as she told the husband she was going out of town. The private investigators were caught with video evidence. 

Story three: Mr. Cumbuckets

That's right, we keep it classy at the Sleuth. A husband and wife had been married for 18 years. They looked like a typical happily married couple. After COVID hit the wife started working more than normal. The client enlisted Blackman Detective Services to find out what she was up to when she would visit an unknown male's house at least two or three times a week. The client got a small audio recorder and placed it in the wife's car. After hearing an x-rated conversation with her Paramore the husband brought her pants into Blackman Detective Services for testing. Testing confirmed male and female DNA on the pants. 

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