Pushen Boundaries - Episodes
Pushen Boundaries - Episodes

Pushen Boundaries - Episodes

Sharif Rucker



A weekly show for listeners to hear stories and conversations that allow us to explore subtle events and interesting social interactions too often ignored. These stories are meant to arouse the emotions of listeners towards self-improvement and consider how our behaviors impact others. There have been many moments in my life where I have wanted to share interesting stories that can be used by others to improve their own lives. With 22 years of educating youth and adults, I would like to share topics with you that will push against social norms and shift your mindset to consider alternative views. Sometimes, the best advice can be collected from the stories of others.

Recent Episodes

Black Man - My Story Episode 11 (Connis  E Koiner)
SEP 26, 2023
Black Man - My Story Episode 11 (Connis E Koiner)
Connis is a Business Management Lead for Trust & Fiduciary Services for the United States.  Over his 19 year banking career he has developed extensive experience in client management and service, as well as account management, fraud recognition and abatement, client onboarding and corporate governance. In addition, Connis possesses skills in residential real estate underwriting, reviewing the credit, capacity and collateral of potential clients with respect to obtaining financing for their homes.  Currently, he is charged with steering and managing governance over Trust and Fiduciary Services, reviewing and reforming policy in association with business leads, and serving as a business representative during audits by the Office of the Controller of Currency and internal audit partners.  Connis is dedicated to molding and shaping the culture and atmosphere at work, so during his 8 year tenure at his current employer he has served as Professional Development Lead for the REACH ERG, a Wealth and Personal Banking representative for the US People, Culture & Diversity Action Group, a host and guide for difficult conversations around race, and has even mentored the Global Head of HR on issues regarding ethnicity and equity in the BIPOC community.  

Prior, Connis was with another large corporate institution in various roles over an 8 year period, which included Senior Client Service roles within the General Wealth Group, collaborating with 11 bankers on a combined portfolio of roughly 1,000 clients.  He has served in the capacity as a Personal Banker and Senior Residential Account Manager at the outset of his banking career as well. Connis holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration from Baruch College where he majored in Finance, and holds a Bachelor of Arts from Hofstra University. He also holds a Series 7 and Series 63 licensure from the Financial Regulatory Authority (FINRA).

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