An incompetent angel is running a podcast, and you are an unsuspecting prophet. Hosted by Enoch – the Metatron, archangel and voice of God. One of a kind, he is the only mortal to have been employed by God and turned into an angel. Now his main job is to report on important and historical events, broadcasting these to mortal prophets across spacetime. Come along on his journey as he quickly forgets primitive concepts like the linear progression of time, and tries to discover what it means to be a multidimensional entity made of nightmares and forced hope.

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FEED DROP: Wireland Now: Watermelon Flag
NOV 7, 2023
FEED DROP: Wireland Now: Watermelon Flag

Wireland Ranch is an incredible work of art and we're proud to host them on our feed. And today's episode comes with an important message, now more than ever. About Wireland Ranch

This show is a psychedelic cosmic horror audio drama.

A crumbling shack in an alternate version of the Mojave desert that houses the heartbeat at the centre of the universe. Long ago, the heart was diminished when new gods usurped the throne and began their own type of reign. They battled and bickered, causing tragedies, mass rituals, and monied black magic. Now, it seems that history is coming to a head and our spoiled gods are fighting harder than they have ever fought before.

Israel has the right...


For a comprehensive list of resources and coverage please visit.

Written by Joseph Rutledge and Lily Saviet

Sound design and production: Joseph Rutledge

Balfour Declaration read by: Bradly Findly

Featuring "Party in the Promised Land" by @angletonsorchids

Additional clips provided and written by:

Saph The Something

Tatiana Gefter (reading a monologue from Andor)

Rebecca Hansson

Bradly and Brittany Findly

Randy Lovings

Cal O'Neill

Pelle Frid

Scott Graves

Joshua Burgess

Juno Westbrook

Please check out the shows of the people involved in this, you can find all of them on twitter:

Be Not Afraid (@bnapod)

Soul Operator (@souloperatorpod)

The Supernatural Protection Company (@thespcpodcast)

What's In The Rift (@whatsintherift)

25 MIN
12 - Until The Shadows Flee
JUN 2, 2023
12 - Until The Shadows Flee

Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer. No, not that close. Welcome to the season finale!

Episode content warnings: imprisonment, weird power dynamics, sexual content, smoking

Series content warnings: fond irreverence of holy scripture, swears, violence, sexual innuendo

Transcripts and more info: ⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠






Written by:

Rebecca Hansson & Tommy Holmberg

Script edited by: 

Hannah Levin

Music featured: “Kashmiri Mind Meld” by Byzantine Time Machine.

Voice actors:

Victor Tran as Asmodeus (@victoreatsall)

EurasianRob as King Solomon (@eurasianrob)

Kiana Triana as Naar (@kiana.triana / @kianatree /

Greg Carrobis as Ornias (@gergcandlestick)

Anna Stein as Senoy, Sansenoy and Semangelof (@rosemarycat5)

Dan Kovel as Yusuf (@championkingdan)

Cai Gwilym Pritchard as Darshan ( Twitter: @mynameisnotcai & @chainofbeing)

Braden as Buer (@BManTalksVO / @bmanthegoofball)

Sabine Novakovic-Wagner as Asha (@BaronessCos)

Steven Chisholm as Gabriel (@ChizWrites)

Avalon Willowbloom as Seir (@AvalonWillowbl1)

Briar Zachary as Bodiel

Thank you to our awesome beta readers and test-listeners: Fianna McKnight, Steve Davison, Victor Tran and Lou Sutcliffe.

39 MIN