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The Light Inside is a journalistic podcast exploring the journey of everyday people towards beneficial change in their behavioral patterns, empowering them to live richer, happier and more creative lives. Lingering just below the surface of our conscious minds are patterns of thought, feelings, emotions and motivations. We aren't immediately aware of them, but they wield a powerful influence over how we behave and react to events in our everyday lives. Our program helps reveal the unconscious patterns that drive our human behavior, shape our choices and direct our relationships.

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Folie à deux: How Being a Dick Can Change The Word In The Most Unexpected Ways
SEP 16, 2022
Folie à deux: How Being a Dick Can Change The Word In The Most Unexpected Ways

In a world where we can each be ANYTHING we want.

Ironically, we often discover a world that feels like it's filled with jerks. Some dick's are a special breed of jerk— they give offense to the world without a shred of awareness that they’re doing so, and deny they have a role when relationships go wrong.

The sad truth is, that anybody can be a dick sometimes.

Yet, Our guest today, Marc Ensign, is here to teach us that being a dick is often the best thing we can be if we hope to make close connections and build solid relationships while we travel along our journey of success.

Learning when to be a dick is one thing. Many of us must master when and how not to be a dick. Or, when at our best, become skillful, in being the right kind of Dick. What happens to those who DON'T learn this artful skill...

Well, they usually end up F#&Ked!

Remember, success is in the eye of the beholder. And we often fail to see, how being the RIGHT kind of Dick will move us into alignment with this vision- Ultimately allowing us to reach our destination.

Tune in to find out if your Dick game has what it takes to get the job done on The Light Inside.

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45 MIN
Rising Water Raises All Boats
SEP 8, 2022
Rising Water Raises All Boats

Staying afloat.

It often becomes our central focus. And at times, it can seem like we barely keep our heads above water. Sink or swim - we just keep on paddling.

This week in an instant of profound introspection, I noticed myself doing just that. As I was tempted by a situation that could have irritated me; seemingly pulling me off my course.

-While our program frequently aims to cast a wider net, this week I am inspired to keep it short and sweet.

James Brown tells us - “Like a dull knife just ain't cuttin’; talkin' loud ain’t saying nothin.”

Swimming in that day-to-day stream of activity; sometimes we realize for ourselves when we are talking a lot and saying nothing. As wisdom arises and hopefully we learn to see both the humor and absurdity in anything which comes our way. May there be growth in how we see these moments of triggered contemplation; allowing clarity and awareness to wash over us.

-Rising water raises all boats.

Such an empowering thought.

Rising water raises all of the boats. Not just one. And certainly not just fighting to keep itself afloat. Being the water brings exponential growth. Focusing on the boat creates an energetic resistance that waters down your efficiency and effectiveness.

Take a moment on your own- to reflect and wonder:

  • How deeply will you allow the waters to flow?
  • Are you the dam or the faucet?
  • Are you a well-spring or an arid desert wasteland?
  • Are you running anxiously for higher ground or diving in to courageously pull another into the rafts of life?

Sometimes one becomes a sponge, sucking everything dry without truly giving back. The state of your energetic nature and signature matters; for it allows your waters to truly flow.

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Clear as The Nose On My Face: Engaging Body Linguistics for Effective Emotional Competency
AUG 17, 2022
Clear as The Nose On My Face: Engaging Body Linguistics for Effective Emotional Competency
74 MIN