The Light Inside

The Light Inside

Jeffrey Besecker



What lights us all up? Our authentic story. The conversations. The truths. The untruths. What makes us who we are at our core? Since the dawn of time, the same stories have been playing out in our lives. They are the ties that bind us all. They connect us and we all can relate to them. Grow from them. What are the stories that bring us together? At some point in each of our lives, we all experience something - some pivotal moment, where all of our yeses have become a no, and we struggle to push through. To find meaning. The Light Inside. Each of us has a story — the tale of our struggles. Support this podcast:

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The Light Inside
JUN 11, 2020
Can We Have a Conversation: Special Episode with International Life Coach Colin Thompson
This week, we share a candid and frank conversation with International Life Coach, Colin Thompson. We discuss global tensions and his reaction to racial injustice, what life has been like having been born a Canadian- Jamaican, and growing up as a black man in the Midwestern town of Louisville, Kentucky. We hear why Colins academic career at Howard University taught him the true value and strength in his racial identity. How the values his family instilled in him to think and explore globally, and how this ultimately landing Colin in a career in Shanghai, China as a Motivational Life Coach. We learn Colin’s perspective on what it's like to live globally as a person of color and how that experience has affected and shaped his life.Its time to lean in and listen. To Know better. To Do Better. To be Better. Life is about too much more than just conducting business. We must conduct life though our being, our the life of our being is dead. By bringing life to the world, You are interacting in a way that brings positive light to the that world. You leave that world a better place for all. Colin and I have discussed a lot today, join us by clicking to learn how you can raise you voice for honesty, truth and compassion against racial injustice. We can and must create a better reality for our future together. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. --- Send in a voice message:
67 MIN