Listen Now: Dr. Craig Spencer on Last Day

MAR 6, 202453 MIN
In the Bubble with Andy Slavitt

Listen Now: Dr. Craig Spencer on Last Day

MAR 6, 202453 MIN


Today, we're dropping into your feed to share a conversation with Dr. Crag Spencer, a past guest on In The Bubble, from our sister podcast Last Day. Craig has been on the frontlines of fighting infectious diseases long before COVID-19. Now, nearly four years after COVID made its way to the United States, Craig sits down with Last Day host Stephanie Wittels-Wachs to reflect on where we are today — and how much further we have to go.

This series is presented by the Marguerite Casey Foundation. MCF supports leaders who work to shift the balance of power in their communities toward working people and families, and who have the vision and capacity for building a truly representative economy. Learn more at or visit on social media @caseygrants.

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