Episode 7 (Kindred Sacrifice Pt 2)

JAN 31, 202438 MIN
Visionaries Audio Drama

Episode 7 (Kindred Sacrifice Pt 2)

JAN 31, 202438 MIN


In loving memory of Neil David Samuels.

Season Finale

Graezen uses his eyes.

CONTENT WARNING: This episode contains graphic violence and death.

Director - Richard Seneque

Writer - Richard Seneque

Producer - Richard Seneque


Narrator - Julie Berndt

Morace of the Truth Seekers - Russell Jordan

Lor of the Truth Seekers - David Licht 

Ethenia of the First Blood - Tara Haight

Dead-eye slave Ira - Rita Sistrunk 

Metz of the First Blood - Michael Raver 

Roos of the First Blood - Darius Aushay

Jarno of the First Blood -  Richard S. Rose 

Graezen of the First Blood - Richard Seneque

Price of the GreyBorns - Ryan George

Rozlin of the Blue Mist - Heaven Nikitenko

Blaine of the First Blood - Anthony V. Merchant

Ariz of the First Blood - Charles Wilson

Oro of the First Blood - Alfred C. Kemp

Zarah of the Truth Seekers - Elizabeth Roberts

Merrin of the Green Vain - Colin Chapin

Lokin of the Sun Warriors - Neil Samuels 

Boul of the First Blood - Damian Thompson

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