Drew Toynbee on Sequel Pitch and Happy Accidents in Podcasting

MAY 20, 202240 MIN
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Drew Toynbee on Sequel Pitch and Happy Accidents in Podcasting

MAY 20, 202240 MIN


Drew Toynbee is one of the co-hosts of Sequel Pitch, a show that takes a movie that never received a sequel, and has the co-hosts pitch their own, often with a special guest to judge the efforts.

Drew talks about how the idea came about, who the biggest movie fan is on the show, how a happy accident led to a new section of the show, and how the podcast community can better help support mental health of podcasters.

Turning Goals into a Creative Outlet

While Drew had a spell as an actor, it didn't pan out and he found himself in a variety of mundane corporate jobs. However, his dreams of being able to work in a creative space never left, and this came to fruition while playing video games with university friends online. From there, Sequel Pitch was born.

On Finding Early Fans in the Space

When the show first started, while the numbers were okay the boys from Sequel Pitch wondered if the idea for the show was sound. However, while they were considering a rethink, the podcast started to get traction thanks to influential supporters in the space promoting the show. This showed the merit of the idea, and how it could grown.

On Being the Biggest Movie Fan on the Show

When I asked Drew who the biggest movie fan is out of the four co-hosts, he was clear that it was him. Listen in to his recollection of special edition DVDs, and why trailers don't spoil movies for him.

A Happy Accident

As part of the growth of Sequel Pitch, the boys now have bonus episodes that are akin to the Director's Cut that movies receive. Drew shares how that came about by a happy accident, but how it's now an integral part of the show.

How the Podcast Has Helped His Mental Health

Drew shares how he suffers from anxiety and impostor syndrome, and he talks about Sequel Pitch's positive impact on his mental health, both through the show itself and how it's forced him to reach out and talk about issues he might be going through.

How the Podcast Community Can Help Remove the Stress of Podcasting

We talked about how podcasters can fall victim to anxiety, through the pressure that can come with running a podcast. Worries about numbers, how to find sponsors, are people enjoying, etc, and how the podcast industry in general can help podcasters through this.

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