Matt Medeiros on Building a Legacy Through Podcasting

FEB 24, 202236 MIN
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Matt Medeiros on Building a Legacy Through Podcasting

FEB 24, 202236 MIN


This week, I sit down with Matt Medeiros, host of many shows including the WP Minute and the Matt Report, where he talks tech, podcasting, WordPress, and more.

Matt's journey from "computer guy" to podcaster is an interesting and varied one, and in this week's episode Matt talks about that, as well as the legacy he's looking to build.

A Podcaster's Podcaster

Matt has a lot of shows under his belt, both personal podcasts and professional podcasts. Starting out in the WordPress world, and utilizing that with his marketing agency, Matt knew he needed something different to win clients. Enter podcasting. Since then, he's built a great reputation as both a podcaster, and someone in the podcasting space.

Why Local Podcasting is So Important to Him

Matt spoke about the legacy he wants to leave (even though he cringes when he hears that word!), and it's not the kind of legacy that you might originally think of when you hear the word.

Like Father, Like Son

While Matt is heavily ensconced in the tech world through his love of WordPress and podcasting, his father was the one that helped get him there. As Matt says, his dad had a beast of a product that would be the equivalent of a laptop today, and that's what stoked his interests and led him on the path he's on today.

The Rise of Podcasting Gurus

As podcasting continues to grow in popularity, so has the amount of podcast experts and gurus that have suddenly appeared to share their wisdom on how to get a ,illion downloads and huge sponsorship deals in the first month of your show. Matt shares how he has a love/hate relationship with these "experts".

The Commodity of Trust

With his background in car sales and agency life, Matt's used to asking people for money, and how to handle rejection. One of the biggest things to avoid that rejection is to build trust - trust in you, trust in your product, and trust (from a podcaster's point of view) in your content. This can help even the smallest podcasters succeed and earn serious revenue.

You have to value yourself first to believe in what you're offering your audience.

Passing on What Podcasting Has Done for Him

Matt's super grateful for what the podcasting industry has done for him, and as part of the legacy that he spoke about earlier in the episode, he wants to pass on that gratitude, and the lessons that have come with that, to his children. This includes the art of storytelling and confidence in who you are and what you stand for.

Giving Voice to the Underrepresented 

Matt's incredibly passionate about bringing more voices to the podcasting space, especially underrepresented and minority voices. He shares an interesting experiment he's running on his WP Minute podcast to help make this happen.

Matt and the Big Orange Heart

In an incredibly raw and emotional moment, Matt talked about his involvement with Big Orange Heart, and why he supports it. It was a sobering reminder that we all need to look out for each other's mental health, and make it normal to speak up when you're suffering.

That's why I give back to that organization. It's extremely important what they're doing, and if I can help... I try. 

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