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Trigger Warning: Men in Peril! In this audio dramedy, the world is shaken by the transformations of women into dragons who consume and immolate men. Season 1: A tourist from afar tries to understand what, when any woman could literally eat you for lunch, is a guy supposed to do? Who can you trust? Season 2: The tourist creates an international incident by bringing home a dragon. * Written & directed by Emily Rainbow Davis Sound design by Matt Powell Dragoning Theme by Scott Ethier Produced by Messenger Theatre Company, a 501c3, based in New York City. Start with Episode 1, Season 1.

Recent Episodes

Introducing The Defense
FEB 20, 2024
Introducing The Defense

This is a taste of our new audio drama. You can help us out by subscribing to The Defense, giving it five stars and writing a review!

If you've listened to The Dragoning, you'll hear some familiar names and some new ones!

A live recording of an audio drama podcast about a group of women grappling with their defense, a seemingly magical power that protects them from harm.  Get a glimpse behind the curtain of live podcast drama. Come see the serio-comic podcast sauce get made, four episodes at a time. TW: Women laughing. Men dying.  

We’ll be performing at Jalopy in Brooklyn at 7pm on January 21, February 11, March 10th and April 14.

Tickets available for ⁠March 10th⁠ and ⁠April 14⁠.

Don’t worry if you haven’t been to previous shows. We’ll catch you up at the top!

The first episode of the podcast is available now on ⁠Spotify⁠, ⁠Apple⁠, ⁠Amazon⁠, ⁠Pocket Casts⁠, ⁠Radio Public⁠, ⁠Pandora⁠, ⁠Podchaser⁠, ⁠iHeart⁠, ⁠Deezer⁠, ⁠JioSaavn⁠ and ⁠YouTube⁠ or here on our ⁠website⁠.

Performed by: Marcella Adams, Amber Jessie, Cosmic Kitty, Kristen Vaughan, Toni Watterson

Written and Directed by Emily Rainbow Davis

Sound Design - Matt Powell

Sound Engineer - Daniel Massey

Sound Assistant - Angela Santillo

Stage Management by Ella Lieberman

Produced by Melvin Yen

A new audio drama about a support group of women with a unique set of powers. Recorded live, with an audience

To help us make it, visit our⁠ Ko-fi page⁠ and donate. (We are a 501c3.)

17 MIN
Invitation to Our New Show
JAN 20, 2024
Invitation to Our New Show

TRANSCRIPT: Hi. This is Emily Rainbow Davis, Artistic Director of Messenger Theatre Company and the creator of The Dragoning. I’m just popping into the feed here to let you know about our new show, The Defense. It has a lot of themes in common with The Dragoning but it  takes place in a different speculative fictional universe. We’ll share the first episode here after it launches on February 8th but before then, I wanted to specifically invite you, our amazing Dragoning listeners, to come join us for the live recording of the first four episodes of our new show. If you can get to Brooklyn on Sunday, January 21st at 7pm, you can contribute your applause, your voices,  your presence, to the atmosphere of The Defense.  (Edit to say that this applies for our next show on February 11th as well. And the shows in March and April!)


Tickets are $10 via Jalopy Theatre’s website (that link will be in the show notes) and Dragoning listeners can get half price tickets by entering the code: ERD8YM616M

And at the door, all you need do is say Dragon to the ticket seller and half priced tickets will be yours. 


Come peek behind the curtain of audio drama podcast making. You can be the first to hear The Defense. 


For more details, visit Messenger Theatre Co dot org


On Spotify, you can already subscribe to The Defense. Other platforms available soon. 


Thanks for keeping The Dragoning in your feed. I am writing a third season so stick with us!


But meanwhile, we’d love to have you over at the Defense. 

Alice - Episode Ten
SEP 5, 2022
Alice - Episode Ten

This is the tenth episode of Season Two. To get up to speed, listen to the Season One Re-cap and then the previous nine episodes of this season.

This episode features Clare Stevenson as Alice.

Sound Design by Matt Powell

Written and Directed by Emily Rainbow Davis

The Dragoning theme is by Scott Ethier

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