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Freja takes on deeper subjects of love, romance sex and personal happiness. Freja is an intimacy educator, erotic hypnotherapist, and somatic sex educator who believes that procreation is "natural" but great sex takes -- and is worth effort. She offers education and resources to individuals and professionals.

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Habits, and how to hack them for better relationships (or sex) almost effortlessly
SEP 7, 2021
Habits, and how to hack them for better relationships (or sex) almost effortlessly

Tatiana Alexeeva caught my attention this year with her hilarious and creative youtube videos. What I didn’t expect was how helpful and informed she was, and the high standard of support and attention that she puts into anyone she works with. We are here to discuss a technique that is so effective, it is almost foolproof and can be used to thrive in any area of life, from business to health, to your sex life.

Multifaceted and multi talented, Tatiana is a pharmacist turned hypnotherapist,certified coach and NLP coach.  She helps people with unhelpful habits related to their health goals, such as procrastination..anxiety and stress.  



Tatiana: "As a member of IMDHA, I've been practicing hypnotherapy since 2019. I mainly help people overcome bothersome habits related to their health goals (ex. quit smoking, weight loss, procrastination issues). I also do volunteer Coaching for Health for Pain BC, and coach people with chronic pain helping them lead a more functional life. In 2020, I completed the Tiny Habits (c) training with Dr BJ Fogg, behavioural scientist from Stanford University. I'm a huge proponent of  his method of implementation of habits in our life – it's clear, straightforward and flexible to the point that it almost excludes failures. In 2021, I became an ACC certified coach and New Code NLP online coach.

I'm an ex-pharmacist, so I have very high standards of work ethics.

Right now, I'm working on creating a small online group for habit building to help participants decrease anxiety and stress. The group will run for 5 weeks and will include an intensive support in between sessions.

I invite you to sign up for a free no-sales consultation if you're interested in ways to decrease anxiety and procrastination, as well as boosting your motivation and creativity in different areas, and if you're interested in my group habit building projects. It's a no-obligation conversation that in an of

itself can be extremely beneficial.

Please check out my Youtube channel Tatiana Alexeeva Mindful Entertainment for some fun videos on various subjects, including motivational videos, meditations and parody."

45 MIN
The Morality Cage Ft: Peter Lancett
FEB 9, 2021
The Morality Cage Ft: Peter Lancett

Peter Lancett is a practicing hypnotherapist, healer and published author. In his current business Living Well With Sally and Pete, he specializes in treating ( but is not limited to) chronic pain, limiting beliefs, low self-esteem, weight loss, smoking cessation, and has an extraordinary way of getting the change you are wanting to see.  

We are discussing something Peter calls the morality cage, a limiting construct which is often invisible and self perpetuating.  It keeps people frustrated, unhappy, and prevents living in freedom. The morality cage is not subject specific, but it is something that you are born into and cannot help living within as it starts from the day you are born and is created by your family of origin and the society in which you live. Most people never  remove these shackles from their lives and the ones that do often have a journey of self awareness and deliberate expansion in order to discover not only who they are, what they really want, and how they really want to live, but to give themselves permission to be, have and do these things. The morality cage can comfortable, but it is rarely truly happy. 

I've been where you are now - I know what you're feeling when the voice inside tells you that there's a better life to be had - more Joy, more Fulfilment, more Abundance of all the things that matter to you. It's a voice you should listen to - and I can help you reconnect with it and follow the intuitive guidance that will heal and transform you into the Wonderful Person you are meant to be, living the Dream-Life you deserve to live - Peter Lancett"


Mindset – Carol Dwek (Growth vs Fixed Mindsets) 

The Female Eunuch – Germaine Greer (a feminist deconstruction of the moral cage) 

The Holotropic Mind – Stan Grof 

Peter's Website 

Facebook (Living Well with Sally & Pete page) (Living Well Live! – free Zoom events every second Monday, discussing wellness. First one on 15th Feb is about Pain Management) (find me on Facebook)

81 MIN