Experience the Hero’s Journey - Part 3 with Andrew Jackson

MAY 16, 202360 MIN
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Experience the Hero’s Journey - Part 3 with Andrew Jackson

MAY 16, 202360 MIN


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The hero’s journey is not just for stories; it can help guide your life. Today’s episode is Part 3 of the Hero’s Journey for Writers series – Pack your bags for adventure!

I’m your host Linda Goldfarb. Each week I bring you tips and strategies from experts in the writing and publishing industry to help you excel in your craft. I’m so glad you’re listening in. Our last time together, we covered Part Two in the Hero’s Journey for Writers – today, we look at our final episode, Experience the Hero’s Journey - Pack your bags for adventure! 

My industry expert is A.E. Jackson! Andrew writes uncanny speculative fiction for your enjoyment. He believes there are ma-lev-olent forces, just below the surface, tugging us all down. He knows another force, more ben-ev-olent than we deserve, works to keep us buoyant. He reads Ray Bradbury, Shirley Jackson,  Roald Dahl, Stephen King, Paulo Coelho,  Richard Matheson, H.P. Lovecraft, and Richard Bach. He lives in Delaware and is married with two children. 

Today we cover - 

  •  The tools or methods exist to equip a writer to undertake their own Hero’s Journey.
  •  Recommended reads - see links below.
  • The five minor quests which support your personal Hero’s Journey.
  •  Why celebrating the start of your personal Hero’s Journey is important. 

Andrew Jackson
The Miracle Morning for Writers  by  Hal Elrod, Honoree Corder, and Steve Scott
Atomic Habits by James Clear
Jane McGonigal’s Super Better
Start Finishing  by Charlie Gilkey     
Five Thousand Words Per Hour by Chris Fox
Be A Writing Machine by  M.L. Ronn
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