the story of shiva and sati *it's cute until it's not*

DEC 28, 202111 MIN
Weird and Wacky Tales with Gia!

the story of shiva and sati *it's cute until it's not*

DEC 28, 202111 MIN


in this episode, i talk about the story of shiva and sati, how their union came to be, and their downfall. this story is again one that i grew up with, so it's very close to my heart <3

also some further information...

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Pervis Payne, an intellectually disabled man, was going to meet his girlfriend at her home when he found her neighbor brutally attacked. He was immediately pinned for the crime and has spent over 30 years on death row for it.

Dustin Higgs was sentenced to the death penalty for the kidnapping and murder of three women when he wasn't even the one to pull the trigger. The real murderer came forward, and he is currently serving life while Dustin is still on death row.

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