Jane Crowfoot – contemporary crochet knows no bounds

APR 16, 202452 MIN
Creativity Found: finding creativity later in life

Jane Crowfoot – contemporary crochet knows no bounds

APR 16, 202452 MIN


Adventures with yarn, needles and hook
Delve into the colourful world of crochet with my guest Jane Crowfoot, also known as Janie Crow, as she shares her journey from average student to renowned crochet designer, author and the founder of her own brand.
Jane opens up about her early creative experiences, her education in textiles, and the pivotal moments that led her to discover her passion for crochet. She discusses the challenges she faced in her career, including a stressful managerial role that stifled her creativity, and how she overcame them to find her true calling.
From machine knitting swatch designs for fashion houses to consultant roles with Rowan yarns, creating patterns and crochet alongs and her deep connection to the arts and crafts movement, Jane's designs are not just about creating beautiful pieces; they're about pushing the boundaries of crochet and providing a rich, historical context that resonates with her audience.

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Researched, edited and produced by Claire Waite Brown
Music: Day Trips by Ketsa Undercover / Ketsa Creative Commons License Free Music Archive - Ketsa - Day Trips
Artworks: Emily Portnoi emilyportnoi.co.uk
Photo: Ella Pallet

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