Jessie Elliott – society, stereotypes and sparkle

MAR 21, 202447 MIN
Creativity Found: finding creativity later in life

Jessie Elliott – society, stereotypes and sparkle

MAR 21, 202447 MIN


Helping everyone to find their sparkle
From a young age, Jessie Elliott struggled with the idea of being her authentic self, feeling the pressure to conform to certain preconceived roles and expectations. She felt the need to shrink herself in order to fit in, stifling her creativity and inner voice.
After the tragic loss of her father, Jessie took a bold step to move from Australia to Scotland, seeking a fresh start where no one knew her past, a period of her life marked by numbing her emotions and avoiding the pain of her loss.
Returning home, Jessie found herself slipping back into old patterns of seeking external validation. It wasn't until she faced postnatal depression following the birth of her first child that she realized the importance of focusing on her own joy and well-being. This realization was the catalyst for her creative reawakening.
Jessie's creative outlet, writing, became a powerful tool for her to process her emotions and connect with others. She has co-authored a picture book titled The Mum Who Found Her Sparkle, inspired by her own experiences and the desire to help others find their joy. The book challenges stereotypes around motherhood, aging, and gender roles, and emphasizes the importance of community and support.

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