Joanne Robinson – from armed forces to art classes

APR 29, 202447 MIN
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Joanne Robinson – from armed forces to art classes

APR 29, 202447 MIN


Growing up, Joanne Robinson was creatively encouraged in primary school and loved to draw for hours at home. However, her passion for art was dampened when she entered secondary school and was told by an art teacher that she wasn't very good. This negative feedback led Joanne to believe that she didn't have a talent for art, and she abandoned her artistic pursuits.
Joanne joined the Royal Air Force and years later, while recuperating with a broken back, learned to paint and rediscovered her love for art.
Joanne learnt that drawing and painting can be taught, and the importance of practice. Just like musicians are encouraged to practice regularly to improve their craft, artists also need to dedicate time and effort to honing their skills.
Joanne's initial motivation to start The Little Art School stemmed from her own experience of how drawing and painting changed her life. She wanted to provide the same opportunity for others who may have doubted their abilities. By offering structured classes for both children and adults, Joanne and her business partner Melissa created a space where individuals could learn and grow at their own pace.

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