Rachel Larsen Weaver – imperfection and authenticity

APR 2, 202432 MIN
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Rachel Larsen Weaver – imperfection and authenticity

APR 2, 202432 MIN


Portraying and valuing everyday family life
As a film photographer Rachel Larsen Weaver captures authentic and imperfect moments, particularly highlighting the nuances of motherhood and family life. Her work showcases the real and raw aspects of these experiences, steering away from the facade of perfection often portrayed in mainstream media and on social platforms.
In this episode Rachel talks about her journey from being academically focused to embracing her creative side amidst the chaos of raising a family.
Rachel's creative pursuits began as a personal necessity, a way to connect with her life and tell her story through the lens of a camera, which she found more manageable than writing in the noisy environment of a growing family. She has since developed a unique approach to photography, conducting long-form sessions where she spends 24 hours with her subjects, capturing the essence of their everyday lives.
In addition to photography, Rachel has rekindled her love for writing, particularly through her weekly newsletter, which has become an integral part of her creative expression and business marketing. She also hosts a writing workshop, emphasizing the accessibility of writing as a creative practice that can fit into the corners of one's life.

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Researched, edited and produced by Claire Waite Brown
Music: Day Trips by Ketsa Undercover / Ketsa Creative Commons License Free Music Archive - Ketsa - Day Trips
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Photo: Ella Pallet

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