Vermonster (with Allison Raskin)

OCT 14, 202285 MIN
Keeping Records

Vermonster (with Allison Raskin)

OCT 14, 202285 MIN


Shelby gets a little philosophical. Allison helps us get a little introspective. And EJ has chapped lips. 

Allison Raskin (writer/director/comedian/YouTuber/podcaster/mental health advocate!!!) is here for some high brow, some low brow, some pure comedy gold. And the artifacts? Ohhhh these artifacts. You don't see artifacts like these every day. There's music and movies and food and warm feelings, which (we hope) are all the aliens' favorite things (fingers crossed).

Also, our source at NASA has all but confirmed that this record manifested the Blink-182 reunion tour announced this week, so if you're 28-38 years old..... you're welcome, from all of us here at Keeping Records/NASA :-)

Allison's Artifacts: 

  • Get Over It (2001 Film)
  • Blink-182's Enema of the State (1999 Music Album)
  • Allison's Childhood Stuffed Animal BobFred (Ephemera)
  • Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream in the Flavor Coffee Coffee BuzzBuzzBuzz! (Food)
  • The Feeling Of Someone You Love Wrapping a Dry Towel Around You When You Get Out Of a Pool (Feeling)

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