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Bodega De la Sol - Episode 1: The Origin
APR 14, 2021
Bodega De la Sol - Episode 1: The Origin

Caribbean in Queens: a Podcast featuring Audio Plays and interviews about Caribbean-Americans living in New York City during the COVID 19 Pandemic. This is a project of Braata Productions: a Caribbean non-profit arts organization dedicated to preserving Caribbean Heritage.

Episode 1: The Origin

At Bodega De la Sol, COVID hasn’t stopped the doors from opening; which keeps the Sol family somewhere in-between safety and illusion. With 4 generations in one home, the diversity of realities becomes blaringly loud when they have to sit with each other & live with big personalities. Welcome to Bodega De la Sol, choose your own story.

Written by Janelle Lawrence (they/them)

Directed by Antonio Miniño

Featured Voices:

ABUELA/COMP 1       Jessica Carmona

LUCIA/COMP 2      Gyana Mella

ROBERTO/PERSON 1     Ian Blanco

EDUARDO       Kervin Peralta

WAITER       Tori Lanzillo

RAUL/COMP 3/ROOMMATE 2/HOMIE 1/CHAR  Ana Lia Arias Garrido


POLICE        Kervin Peralta

AMI 1/CASS         Pilar Gonzalez

AMI 2       Leonardo Gonzalez Dominguez

Music by Janelle Lawrence and Joel Edwards

Production by Joel Edwards 

Narration by Julene Robinson


Funded in part by the Venturous Theater Fund of the Tides Foundation.

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