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Welcome to the Podfluencer Society podcast, where as of lately, things are well... a bit chaotic! It is highly recommended to start your listening experience with episode 115- and follow along on the journey in order from there. If you're here for podcasting tips and tricks, be sure to scroll through episodes 1-114, as there are some amazing insights for podcast creators shared throughout the back-catalog.

Host Angie Griffith courageously shared her testimony for the first time on August 22, 2023 (episode 115). Originally catering to a dynamic community of 'podfluencers' – a term she coined to describe podcasters building thriving brands and businesses with their podcasts at the center of it all – this unexpected twist would alter the course of her life, business, and this podcast. Following a leap of obedience, she discovered a profound new calling: a journey entrenched in vulnerability, authenticity, and the surrender of her broken life and business to the embrace of Jesus.

Podfluencer Society has since morphed into an invitation to the ambitious creator who is DONE relying on themself to “manifest” it all and is on FIRE for relatable, raw, and imperfect discussions about living a fun, balanced, and abundant life with Jesus back at the center!

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