You Get What I'm Saying
You Get What I'm Saying

You Get What I'm Saying

Angie Griffith



Welcome to You Get What I'm Saying, your invitation to explore life through the lens of the girlfriend in your earbuds. Doing her best to live up to impossible standards in a material world, host Angie Griffith authentically and imperfectly shares her truth about what it looks like to be: figuring out life and business after stepping away from a decade+ career in the Music Industry, dating in Nashville in her 30s, letting go of the pressure to “manifest” her dreams, surrendering herself to God’s plan for her life– and the BTS of everything in between. When Angie talks to her IRL besties, she loves being able to chat openly and vulnerably, without judgment or expectations of serving up the perfect answers– and that's how she hopes to connect with you here! Often having no answers and no idea what's going on, Angie welcomes you every other Tuesday into her own personal diaries, conversations with friends, and curious explorations.

Note: formerly titled Podfluencer Society, episodes 1-114 share insights and strategies specifically for podcasters.

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