What’s Next For Gene Therapy?

OCT 29, 202131 MIN
Science Will Win

What’s Next For Gene Therapy?

OCT 29, 202131 MIN


Gene therapy is at a pivotal moment. For eligible rare disease patients, the potential impact could be huge. So how can we support that potential to fruition and what will it mean if we do? In our season finale, host Adam Rutherford and guests take a peek into what a world with successful gene therapies could look like for patients, healthcare and society.

Featuring guests:
Durhane Wong-Rieger, President & CEO at Canadian Organization for Rare Disorders
Erik Paulsen, Chair, Institute for Gene Therapies
Karolina Hanslik, Former Senior Project Manager, EURORDIS
Nikhil Gadre, Senior Director, Global Commercial, Hemophilia Gene Therapy, Pfizer
Paige Bischoff, Senior Vice President, Global Public Affairs,  Alliance for Regenerative Medicine
Paolo Morgese, EU Director, Market Access, Alliance for Regenerative Medicine
Reda Guiha, IDM Regional President, Rare Disease, Pfizer
Simone Boselli, Director, Public Affairs, EURORDIS
Tomislav Sokol, Member of European Parliament