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When she's asked to present at the company's flagship conference graduate developer Mira Fisher must face her biggest fear - public speaking. But life at the world's coolest, biggest, wealthiest tech company is not as it seems. In the atrium of ornamental trees ancient, mythical forces are waking that will change Mira's destiny and grant her a terrifying gift. A new six-part British fantasy drama podcast from Roar Creative Productions.

Recent Episodes

Season 1, Episode 6: Siren
OCT 12, 2021
Season 1, Episode 6: Siren

Welcome to episode 6. Please don't start here! This is a fiction podcast so please start with the trailer, or episode one.

In this episode Mira unleashes her full power with terrible consequences.

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The Grove is a new six-part British fantasy drama podcast from Roar Creative Productions. Written and directed by Meg Toogood. Sound design by Ed Clarke. 

  • Mira was played by Sally Walker-Taylor 
  • Willow was played by Amelia Gardham 
  • Ash was played by Matty McCabe 
  • Beck / Angie was played by Jasmine Rachelle 
  • Terri was played by Tori Louis 
  • Dan was played by Ben Jones

Produced by Stevie Cooke for Roar Creative Productions.

If you've read down this far then either, thank you for listening to our story, or, go to episode one!

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