Healing Erectile Dysfunction with Brooke Hazen

MAY 3, 202246 MIN
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Healing Erectile Dysfunction with Brooke Hazen

MAY 3, 202246 MIN


Are you or a loved one suffering from erectile dysfunction? In this episode we have Brooke Hazen, author of You Are Not Broken who shares his wisdom on the causes of erectile dysfunction and how to heal the devastating effects without relying on medication. 

Brooke Hazen is an organic farmer, life-long athlete, physical coach, and a health and fitness enthusiast. A Southern California native, Brooke grew up loving the ocean and the natural world. His affinity for the land, healthy living, and natural foods led him to study Agriculture at Humboldt State. In 2001, Brooke realized his vision to grow nutritious, organic, farm-to-table foods under his own brand when he purchased 88 acres of pastureland in the beautiful Northern California farming region of Sebastopol. He now cultivates apples, citrus, medicinal herbs, and high polyphenol olives. Walking the rows each day, he meticulously hand-tends his orchards and presses award-winning Extra Virgin Olive Oil on his West Sonoma County farm and olive mill, Gold Ridge Organic Farms.

Now an author, You Are Not Broken: A Holistic Guide for Men and Women to Heal the Pathways of Sexual Dysfunction and Restore Relational Harmony Together is his first book.

In this episode:

03:00 - Brooke’s story on coping and fixing his erectile dysfunction

06:30 - Stillness and letting go of addictions, and how they helped Brooke with his erectile dysfunction

08:00 - Getting led to a website through the will of God

10:15 - Porn-induced erectile dysfunction

16:30 - The book - Dopamine Nation

19:00 - How do you support your partner if they have a porn addiction?

21:30 - Easy solutions for porn addiction

23:30 - Mating behavior and bonding behavior

26:30 - Using bonding behaviors to satisfy urges because of addiction

32:30 - Having a plant-based diet to heal addictions

37:30 - Cardiovascular disease and erectile dysfunction

39:30 - Western medicine is misdiagnosing erectile dysfunction

41:00 - Brooke Hazen’s book - You Are Not Broken

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