Masculine & Feminine Energy with Amanda Curry

NOV 13, 202336 MIN
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Masculine & Feminine Energy with Amanda Curry

NOV 13, 202336 MIN


One of the most impactful experiences you can have in strengthening your partnership is the understanding of feminine and masculine energy. Most of us understand and embody masculine energy easily without having to think about it. It is the doing, going, and moving forward that most of us learn as valuable in our culture. We learn the social construct that productivity is valued and doing comes naturally to most.

But what does feminine energy look and FEEL like?

My co-facilitator and friend, Amanda Curry, and I speak from our experiences of why masculine and feminine energy is a powerful concept to understand. We share our moments of learning and how we continue to lean into this concept of “being” in our feminine energy. 

Amanda Curry is a transformational coach for women who uses the power of somatics, inner child work, and breath to facilitate lasting change. 

She has been a physical therapist for 12 years and in the self-development world for 15 but only started to support deeper levels in 2020. 

Amanda is a wife of almost 15 years and a mother of two.

Amanda and I discuss personal growth, reflection, and the importance of inner work. We explore masculine and feminine energy, challenge societal expectations, and share our personal experiences. We address the issue of female partners feeling unsupported and offer insights and suggestions.

We also mention an upcoming couples retreat focused on effective communication and cultivating extraordinary relationships.

Reach out to us for coaching or workshop opportunities.

In this episode:

0:00:39 Reflecting on growth and partnership in the healing journey

0:03:10 The deeper transformation and tools in retreat work

0:06:46 Embracing vulnerability and facilitating deeper reflection

0:11:31 Embracing the balance of masculine and feminine energies

0:13:01 Discerning aligned masculinity from wounded masculinity

0:20:27 Embracing both feminine and masculine energies

0:23:17 The journey of balancing feminine and masculine energies

0:30:24 Couples retreat: extraordinary communication and support

0:32:07 Planting seeds of curiosity and compassion

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