Sexually Woke & Understanding Menopause with Dr. Susan

MAY 26, 202244 MIN
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Sexually Woke & Understanding Menopause with Dr. Susan

MAY 26, 202244 MIN


I am so excited about my guest, Author, and award-winning gynecologist, Dr. Susan Hardwick-Smith! In this episode, she shares her insight and wisdom on how you can feel empowered to live your best life through the transition of menopause. 

Dr. Susan Hardwick-Smith is a Board-Certified Gynecologist specializing in women's midlife wellness, hormone optimization, and sexual wellness. She is the founder of Complete Midlife Wellness Center in Houston, TX, and the best-selling author of "Sexually Woke- Awaken the Secrets to Your Best Sex Life in Midlife and Beyond." She also hosts a popular podcast and YouTube show called "Empowering Midlife Wellness."

Dr. Susan is the recipient of the Texas Super Doctor award over a dozen times and a multiple-time recipient of H-Texas magazine's Top Doctor and Top Doctor for Women awards. She also has been chosen as one of Houston's "3 best rated" gynecologists for several consecutive years. Dr. Susan is also an ICF-certified life and leadership coach, multiple-time marathoner and Ironman triathlete, and mother of 3 teenage daughters. 

In this podcast episode:
01:00 - About Dr. Susan and focusing on menopause and perimenopause
04:00 - Dr. Susan’s journey 
10:00 - 7% of women are “sexually woke” and the common trends among them
12:00 - Be open to all possibilities and know yourself first; view your second half of life as a magical opportunity
15:00 - Attention and intention
19:00 - What is co-dependence?
25:00 - Choosing to be out of relationships and choosing a time for self-investigation
28:00 - What does perimenopause look like?
34:00 - Educating yourself about perimenopause and hormone therapy
40:00 - The best sex tip from Dr. Susan
42:00 - Sex is an active generosity

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