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The Peace Dealer ~ A Story of Awakening ~ Cosmic Consulting, Christ Consciousness, Sharing the Message of Magic, and more!
JUN 10, 2022
The Peace Dealer ~ A Story of Awakening ~ Cosmic Consulting, Christ Consciousness, Sharing the Message of Magic, and more!

This was an honor listening to The Peace Dealer share his story of how he began to assist the collective consciousness, and the trails and tribulations that helped him evolve in his ability to know thyself. He dives into his journey of Faith, the discovery of magic, and how divine inspiration opened up his ability to share what he's learned.

He's been studying astrology for over 10-years, and has been mastering his ability to teach and share with others how to master their awareness of astrology and navigate their energy more effortlessly!

He can break down how the awareness of astrology can grant you practical and cosmic solutions to help get you in alignment with your evolution!

He also shares books, resources, people, places, etc that can help you master your awareness of astrology!

He explains how astrology is the study of energy and archetypes and how they relate to each other, and his experience of learning these connections. He's currently boiling all of the hours he's put in to inner stand this into a science. 

He explains how we can connect with the planets and they can speak too you through other people if you're willing to listen.

There's many more gems spread throughout this conversation and I'm beyond excited to witness how he continues to share his wisdom with the collective! 

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I was grateful to learn SO MUCH in this interview, along with the reminder on what my North Node is haha! In hindsight, I had it confused with my Midheaven being in Aquarius, and in my short experience of learning astrology and being taught from masters of the study, I've seen how the awareness has assisted in deepening my clarity and connection with my intuition. 

This awareness is BEYOND valuable, and I highly recommend staying tuned to all of the messages The Peace Dealer shares, the man is magic! 

There's alot more I could add here, I'm currently listeing to this episode as I'm creating this summary, and theres almost too many gems to sum up, so this is one of the episodes you're going to have to listen to thoroughly to get all of the wisdom :) 

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