Doctor Who: Redacted
Doctor Who: Redacted

Doctor Who: Redacted

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The return of the audio drama series, set in the worlds of Doctor Who.

Cast Cleo Proctor - Charlie Craggs Abby McPhail - Lois Chimimba Shawna Thompson - Holly Quin-Ankrah Apex Costa - Freddy Carter Rani Chandra - Anjli Mohindra Morag - Maggie Service Esther - Teri Ann Bobby-Baxter Ed - Sam Stafford Drone - Wilf Scolding Honour Bray - Dervla Kirwan Mr Singh - Irvine Iqbal Receptionist - Denica Fairman Mr Smith - Alexander Armstrong

Written by: Juno Dawson, Chris Cornwell, Karissa Hamilton-Bannis and Ken Cheng.

Directed by Bethany Weimers