Here's how Koen Stam use AI for sales coaching

MAY 9, 202442 MIN
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Here's how Koen Stam use AI for sales coaching

MAY 9, 202442 MIN


Do you think this is an AI summary or not?: With AI tools, such as ChatGPT, sales teams can enhance coaching processes by creating personalized frameworks, generating data-driven insights, and fostering consistency for improved productivity and skill development.

It is... But anyway, that's pretty much what we discussed with Koen - he's been using AI to assist with coaching the team. Don't get us wrong, the AI doesn't do the coaching, it's enabling it.

In the episode, we get into:

  • (00:00) - Introduction
  • (02:53) - Meet Koen
  • (04:46) - Coaching, does it really matter?
  • (13:43) - Why coaching doesn't happen
  • (15:12) - How AI changes coaching
  • (21:20) - Coaching framework with AI
  • (25:58) - Top down does not work
  • (39:21) - 1 thing to leave with


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