The Innis Forgettance
The Innis Forgettance

The Innis Forgettance

Leah Noel



GRAND PRIZE WINNER of American Writing Awards 2024 Podcast of the Year!

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According to rumors going around the haunted town of Inniscombe, 17-year-old Porter Hollis is to blame for his mother’s crying sickness. What’s more, he’s been bewitched by the Neverseen, spirits haunting the forest who possess townsfolk’s bodies and steal their souls. Yet no one seems to know how or why the Neverseen came to afflict them. Written and narrated by Leah Noel, with special appearance by David Walker and original music by Miles Landrum and Laurelai, "The Innis Forgettance" is a fiction podcast that straddles timelines set in a 19th-century alternate Appalachia and faraway Celtic fort. Travel with Porter Hollis as he sets on a journey to untangle the lies of the past, and a spell woven of darkness and fear. Will he bring about Inniscombe’s deliverance… or its end? ┃ Support this podcast by sharing with your friends, posting on social media, or by clicking this link to buy me a coffee!

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