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Longer Tables with José Andrés explores all the ways that food shapes our world and makes us who we are. In each episode, José talks to friends from the worlds of culinary and creative arts, politics, and media: Stacey Abrams, Ron Howard, Yo-Yo Ma, Eric Ripert, and Liev Schreiber, and more. He also takes listeners into his home kitchen to learn his favorite recipes, and answers their burning culinary questions.


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We Need To Talk About Intuitive Eating
JAN 30, 2024
We Need To Talk About Intuitive Eating

Introducing Pressure Cooker, a James Beard award-winning podcast about parenthood, feeding kids and how it all became so complicated from José Andrés Media. Hosted by veteran journalists Jane Black (also Longer Tables executive producer!) and Liz Dunn, Pressure Cooker explores the thorniest topics related to how we feed our kids: How picky eating became a modern phenomenon. The secret history of the dinosaur chicken nugget. The truth about kids' vitamins. How AI can really help you get dinner on the table.

This week's show focuses on intuitive eating, the popular new anti-diet philosophy, recommends serving candy with dinner and letting kids eat whenever and whatever they want.  Is this hands-off approach the best way to escape toxic diet culture? Or … is intuitive eating just another food fad?

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