24 Hours After: The JFK Assassination
24 Hours After: The JFK Assassination

24 Hours After: The JFK Assassination

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24 Hours After, an original podcast from The HISTORY® Channel, takes listeners on a deep dive into the immediate aftermath of critical moments that reshaped the world. Each season, we will experience one of these key events with immersive sound design, to put us behind the eyes and ears of those who were there and learn how their minute-by-minute decisions rippled into the future. Hosted by historian Steve Gillon, we speak to experts, authors, and eyewitnesses to paint a full picture of each turning point in history.

24 Hours After: The JFK Assassination (season one) will unpack this unforgettable incident with unprecedented detail. We'll hear from the Secret Service agent who jumped on Kennedy's car after the shots were fired, a White House pool reporter who chased JFK's car to the hospital and saw his successor sworn in, as well as from numerous scholars who shed a light on often overlooked details from this story. Each episode puts us into the minds of one key player—Jackie Kennedy, Lee Harvey Oswald, Lyndon Johnson, and more—to experience this tragedy as it happened and understand how history unfolded from their actions.

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