BRKIN Bread: For The Hungry Mind
BRKIN Bread: For The Hungry Mind

BRKIN Bread: For The Hungry Mind

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BRKIN Bread is all about the art of conversation. Created and hosted by Sabrina Clarke for Lateral Theory, BRKIN Bread is where five strangers from various walks of life come together every two weeks to discuss and dissect important and trending topics. The guests have dinner and discourse honestly and respectfully. The conversations are spicy, but there’s no slander or salacious side eyes in the mix. You are a part of the conversation, so join us and break bread.

Recent Episodes

Episode 21: Do Black Women respect Black men?
NOV 15, 2023
Episode 21: Do Black Women respect Black men?

For the final episode of Sabrina’s specially curated table of Black women, the conversation edges even more closer to home. Like right on the doorstep and in the house with its shoes off. If you let social media tell the story; Black Women hate Black Men and vice versa. On paper, Black Women and Black Men cannot stand each other. But what’s really happening out here in the streets and, in some cases, between the sheets? The list of topics is long, and our guests flex their life experiences with the realness covering topics like respect for Black men, respect for Black women, leadership in the Black community, gender roles and more. Whether you are blue pill crew or red pill gang, this is the kind of discourse you won’t here ANYWHERE ELSE.  

Carmel, Collette and Jennifer are BRKIN Bread Guests for Episodes 19-21. 

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