The Evolution From Products to Experiences

APR 25, 202440 MIN
GTM Disrupted with Mike Smart

The Evolution From Products to Experiences

APR 25, 202440 MIN


GTM Disrupted host Mike Smart was able to grab a few minutes to chat with Laura Fay, tech industry veteran, enterprise software executive, author and thought leader to discuss the evolution of product leadership and the next growth driver for B2B tech – Experience-Led Growth (XLG). Laura explains the XLG Manifesto, the core values of XLG and shares her views on what product leaders must do now to help prepare for frictionless customer touch to expansion.

Key Take Aways from this episode include:

 Leveraging tools and technologies

 Shifting from products to customer experiences

 How to prioritize data driven decisions

 Evolution of the sales-led culture

Laura’s Bio

Laura Fay is a 30+ year tech industry veteran who partners with product leaders in the tech industry to help them make effective portfolio investment decisions and drive profitable growth. Prior to her consulting career, Laura spent decades as a Product Management, Customer Success and General Business executive directly contributing to the growth and operational velocity of large well-established enterprises and several early-stage businesses.

Laura is an author of multiple widely used industry frameworks on key business, customer, and product management topics. Based on her experience advising dozens of product leaders, she co-authored Digital Hesitation with her TSIA research colleagues where she makes the case for effective value management and its role in launching and growing successful recurring revenue businesses.

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