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An inclusive, authentic exploration of First Nations issues and why they matter. Delivered as an honest but positive conversation between friends, MC & Teela Reid, in under 20 minutes.

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From boy to man: In My Blood It Runs
NOV 1, 2023
From boy to man: In My Blood It Runs

Released in 2019, In My Blood It Runs is a powerful documentary that chronicles a year in the life of ten-year-old Dujuan Hoosan as he grows up around Alice Springs. His is a Ngangkere - a healer in his community - but also find himself caught between his heritage and his place in Western culture.

Now a young adult at seventeen, Dujuan joins Blak Matters to reflect on his experience almost five years after the documentary's release, and explore the thinking behind the release of his new illustrated book, also titled In My Blood It Runs.

To find a copy of Dujuan's new book, which features illustrations from Archibald prize-winning First Nations artist, Blak Douglas, click this link.

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