Supreme: The Battle for Roe
Supreme: The Battle for Roe

Supreme: The Battle for Roe




At 26 years old, Sarah Weddington stands in a courtroom for the first time in her life and argues the most explosive case of her era: Roe V. Wade. Supreme tells her unlikely story, as well as that of Justice Harry Blackmun, who’s appointed by Nixon to the High Court at the same time. Sarah and Harry – both new, untested, and scared out of their minds – are on a collision course. She struggles to overcome the many obstacles placed in her path, while he must find the courage to step out of his lifelong best friend’s shadow and take a stand. Together, they create one of the defining moments of the century. 


Cast: Maya Hawke, William H. Macy, Abigail Breslin, Andrea Savage, Felicity Huffman, Laura Benanti, Garrett Hedlund, Josh Hamilton, Luke Kirby, William Fichtner, James Naughton, and Katie Couric. Created and Written by Aaron Tracy. Directed by Rachel Winter. Executive Producers are Eva Longoria, Ben Specter, Aaron Tracy and Rachel Winter. Produced by Kelly & Kelly.

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