What's Poppin' Penny?
What's Poppin' Penny?

What's Poppin' Penny?

:Written and Produced by Toni Kennedy-Preschool Family Productions



Welcome Trusted Adults & Brownstone Buddies to What's Poppin' Penny? : A Whimsical Podcast for Preschoolers and Families! 

Join us as we embark on enchanting journeys with Penny Wright, a curious preschooler with brown skin and curly hair who lives in a cozy multi-generational household filled with love, laughter, and learning. 

Penny's life takes a magical turn when she finds a teddy bear in a box of her grandfather's belongings during a game of hide-and-seek with her grandmother, Spicy.
Thanks to a familial poem her grandfather taught her, Penny learns that when your past is just your beginning, your ancestors' gifts can always find you!

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