Retrograde - An Audio Drama
Retrograde - An Audio Drama

Retrograde - An Audio Drama

Strange Matter



Retrograde is a Post-Apocalyptic Comedy Drama set in the Continental United States three years after 'The Pop'. 

On Mark 13th, 2019 the world was forever changed in an instant when creatures that would later be known as 'Critters' descended upon our world. They swelled from the oceans, from the earth, from the sky and shook the foundation of our modern society. Humanity fought and in some instances were able to carve out city-states for themselves in the rubble of the Old World. Those that survive do what they must praying for heroes  to rise and save them from this nightmare; this is not that story.

This is the story of juvenile individuals living their best life in the scarred wastes of America, or as they would call it "vibing".

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