Murder, We Spoke
Murder, We Spoke

Murder, We Spoke

Rachel Bykowski



Murder, We Spoke is a fictional, true crime narrative series. For nine episodes, Tantrum East Theatre tells the story of the Murder, We Spoke podcast trio — Bernie, Paula, and Cres. The three women are on a journey to become podcasting legends. The Murder, We Spoke team has produced their true crime podcast for ten years. In that time, Bernie, Paula, and Cres gave their all to the podcast, but it was not enough. The true crime podcast market is saturated. But the trio’s thirst for fame is far too strong. As the trio chase their dreams of podcast superstardom, they slowly become more and more like the killers they cover. 

Murder, We Spoke is a podcast in a podcast in a podcast. The series dives into people’s obsession with true crime and satirizes the true crime culture. This dark comedy series asks listeners to consider, how far would they go for fame. 

Produced by Tantrum East Theatre

Written by Rachel Bykowski

Directed by Lila Rachel Becker

Sound Designer: Derek A. Graham

Sound Technician: Thomas Daniels 

Featuring the talents of:

Mary Glen Frederick

Maria Fernanda Diez

Hannah Karpenko

Luli Gomez Teruel

Tom Morin 

Jenna Zhu

Lisa Bol

Thomas Daniels 

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