Dead River
Dead River

Dead River

Dead River



Dead River is the story of Brazil's worst environmental disaster — the Mariana dam collapse — that claimed the lives of 19 people. This isn't just a tale about the tragedy itself; it's a narrative that resonates with the pursuit of happiness, the impact of greed, and the overnight disappearance of centuries-old traditions. Hosted by biologist and wildlife broadcaster Liz Bonnin, this six-part series explores the profound connection people share with the land along the River Doce — a connection shattered by the tragic events of the Mariana dam collapse. As we hear about the aftermath, we encounter heroes and villains, witnessing the resilience of communities torn apart. Liz Bonnin uncovers the intricate threads of belonging, the devastating consequences of deception, and the ongoing pursuit of justice eight years after the catastrophe.

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Recent Episodes

Pamela's Story
FEB 28, 2024
17 MIN